I couldn’t resist and bought the “Art of Thor the Dark World” yesterday (before its price reaches galactic dimensions such as the book for the first movie).

I’ve only recently started collecting the “Art of…” series of a selected few movies, but imho it’s completely worth the money, because it not only gets tons of info and great designs, but also great behind-the-scenes-peeks.

(according to amazon it only goes on sale on the 19th… I guess I have a really nice comic shop *w* )

Yeah you got it early. It’s available on Amazon, not a bad price for the presell…

Lucky! I can’t wait to get mine. As an artist myself and an admirer of art in general, I love all “Art of” books. I’ve collected all the MCU books so far, I wish they had released one for TIH as well just for completionists sake. I love seeing all the hard work and imagination that goes into the journey of bringing these characters and adventures to the big screen.




Make up your damn mind, Odin.

Amazing how we’ve all ended up hating Odin more than Malekith. Not sure that was the way they’d wanted it to go, but there it is.

Yup. I dont know if they intended it or not, but boy it’s the case for the most part. This actually really breaks my heart because Thor 2 makes it seem that Odin never gave a shit about Loki in the first place, like that was all a lie as well. I really hope that he hasn’t killed him because all of this really needs to be dealt with properly. We need a WHOLE Loki movie just to deal with the Loki-Odin “daddy” issues.

While I don’t feel that scene was particularly well written, the way I interpreted Odin’s birthright line was that he was referring to the fact Loki had been abandoned and left for dead as an infant by his own biological Father, Laufey. If he had not been rescued by Odin, Loki’s birthright as son of Laufey would have indeed been death. Just my two cents.

the winchester’s wardrobe › sam’s orange plaid shirts

Need it, got it.

the winchester’s wardrobe › sam’s striped shirts

Got it, got it, need it,

Got it, got it, got it.

the winchester’s wardrobe › sam’s shirts [1/3]

Got it, need it, need it,

Need it, got it, got it.

the winchester’s wardrobe › sam’s shirts [2/3]

Got it, got it, got it,

Got it, got it, need it.

the winchester’s wardrobe › sam’s shirts [3/3]

Got it, need it, need it,

got it, need it, need it.


Hunter’s Journal → “Demonology”


"I was the best of those sons of bitches!"

"Even you have to admit, I’m awesome!"

Yay, it’s PS4 day!

Wait…what the hell am I excited for? I can’t afford one. Drat!

"Three Little Beers" (1935)